In 2011 we began doing high-quality video recordings of our speakers at the annual bioethics seminar.  These may be viewed directly from the website. The higher-quality recording can be purchased as a DVD.

George Weigel: A Symphony of Truth[1:09:14]
A Symphony of Truth: Blessed John Paul II, the Dignity of Man, and the Practice of Medicine
Theresa Deisher Pro-Life Science in Action Fort Myers Florida 2012[1:02:52]
Pro-Life Science in Action: Countering the Commoditization of Aborted Fetuses by the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industries
Dr. John Haas: Direct vs. Indirect Abortion - Fort Myers 2012[1:05:06]
Direct vs. Indirect Abortion: Applying the Principle of Double Effect to Complicated Pregnancy Management
Rita Marker - End of Life Decisions: Euthanasia and PAS - Florida CMA Seminar 2012[1:07:56]
End-of-Life Decisions: The Legal and Practical Aspects of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Andrew Trew, LlB/JD: Loving Life to the End[1:10:08]
Loving Life to the End: Catholic Bioethics, Conscience & Courage in Clinical Practice Today
Steve White, MD: Dignity and the Human Person[1:06:22]
Dignity and the Human Person: Social Justice and Authentic Health Care Reform

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