Bioethics Seminar

Annual Bioethics Seminar of the Southwest Florida Guild of the Catholic Medical Association

Dr. Stephen Hannan gives opening remarks in 2009.
Angela Flippin-Trainer, M.D. gives a lecture on Natural Family Planning.

Our bioethics seminar ran annually from 2008-2014 with great attendance from physicians, nurses, clergy and the general public. The brochures that list the speakers and topics over the years can be downloaded from the right sidebar.

As of 2014, we are changing our format to single night, single presentation events that will occur quarterly.

2014 PDF Brochure
2014 PDF Flyer
2014 Seminar General Information

Past Seminar Videos

Past Seminar Photos

Dr. Hannan introduces Robert George in 2010.
Dr. Flippin-Trainer addresses the audience on Natural Family Planning in 2010.