The Philosophy behind
Bioethics Part 1: Morality


July 14, 2018    9:00 AM       


Saturday July 14th, 9-12 noon 
Why is it so hard to talk to people about morality? Why are there so many disagreements, even among Catholics? And why do disputes get so emotional so quickly? This seminar explores the roots of the breakdown of moral discourse in our time; in particular, it looks at the foundations of Christian morality in the classical conception of happiness as articulated by St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas and outline the progression from the breakdown of the medieval synthesis to the disorder of our own time.  
Registration fees: For single day: $50. For all three days: $125 
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The American Catholic Philosophical Association and The SW Florida Guild of the Catholic Medical Association invite physicians of all faiths to join us for a three-part seminar this summer.  
Dr. Timothy Kearns, our teacher, has been awarded a National Outreach Grant from the American Catholic Philosophical Association ( to design and teach this unique course which seeks to instruct physicians in the philosophic underpinnings of our bioethical decisions. 
This is a graduate-level philosophy short course primarily for physicians. It is an introduction to philosophical inquiry rather than a set of lectures aimed at communicating doctrines.  
Although bioethics and issues in modern medical practice will be discussed at these seminars, they will lie largely in the background, as beginnings of inquiry. The main goal is, instead, to focus on helping us develop our understanding of the philosophical tradition.  
This seminar has the written endorsement of Bishop Frank Dewane of the Diocese of Venice. 




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